Over the last few years, Geotech launched several sustainable alternatives to traditional polyester based glitter particles. The introduction of coarse pearlescent pigments and cellulose-based glitter provides cosmetic chemists with solutions to create environmentally friendly sparkling formulations.

At in-cosmetics Global earlier this year, Geotech launched a 100 micron fine particle size to extend the Geonature glitter product line. The new range consists of nine colours based on a PET-free cellulose film. In terms of the effect, Geonature glitter is very similar to traditional glitter. Thanks to their small particle size, Geonature glitter is suitable for eye products in pressed and loose powder formats. The Geonature product line is also available in a 200 micron particle size.

Thanks to its innovative SFT technology, Geotech can now offer coarse synthetic pearlescent pigments with a narrow particle size distribution, approaching a traditional glitter effect. The SFT process creates a glittering pigment with up to 98% of the particles <150 micron. This allows formulators to create safe eye products with environmentally friendly sparkling effects.

The new Geopearl SFT grade is also suitable for aerosol applications. Research shows that the particles do not block the nozzle of aerosol cans. The SFT grade is available in five products showing silver, gold and multicolour sparkling effects.

Quantum Colours is the Southern African agent and distributor of Geotech Special Effect Pigments.