Are there any training courses available?

Yes, have a look at our Training Page

What dosage should I use?

When working with food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products it is important to note that most dosages are regulated. It is specific to the application and has to be checked and verified with the legislator of the specific country.  A good rule of thumb is to start at 0.01% and then go up in decimal points 0.1 % -1.0%. At some stage between the ranges of the decimal points you will find that you have over-coloured – then just tone it back to the required shade.

My colour is supposed to be Green and the powder is Yellow / Orange in appearance?

The colour will only develop once the powder has come into contact with moisture. Green is a blended colour containing more Yellow/ Orange powder than blue. Therefor it appears Yellow / Orange in powder form before it comes into contact with moisture.

Which colours are Azo-dyes?

Sunset Yellow    – Monoazo

Ponceau 4R        – Monoazo

Tartrazine            – Monoazo (Pyrazolone)

Carmosine          – Monoazo

Allura Red           – Monoazo

What do FD&C and D&C stand for?

Food, Drug and cosmetically approved.

Drug and cosmetically approved.

When is a colour FD&C Certified?

Colours that have been batch selected and tested by the FDA are issued with a COA from the FDA. This is applicable when products are exported into the US.

What stability tests should be done with colour?

Light stability / Product , Raw material compatibility / Packaging compatibility.


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