Quantum Colours was founded in 2004 by John Lonsdale O’Donovan. From humble beginnings, the company has become a major supplier, and important player in the Food, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Industrial colours and ingredients market. Lonsdale
has a chemistry background and started his career in the quality control / quality assurance (QC/QA) departments of one of the largest cosmetic-contract manufacturers based in South Africa. He then worked for the world’s largest colour manufacturer and marketer, heading up the South African subsidiary’s technical department. During this time, he also completed further training in Paris for the company. Currently, his business, Quantum Colours (including all staff employed) has more than 50 years’ total experience in its chosen field of operation.


Colour is critical to any consumer’s initial attraction to a product. The world of colour is very tightly regulated and one has to work with a supplier that knows which colours are legally permitted, in which applications, and at what dosage. It is also important to highlight that the colour selected does not only have to conform to the latest legislation but it also has to be a stable compound in the required application. To do this, we have a team of highly qualified and respected chemists and technical personnel to assist and design colours specific to our customers’ requirements.

Adding Life to Colour

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We have made a quantum leap with our already very successful range of tablet coatings (sugar and film coatings) now also offering our tablet coatings with enteric / controlled release/ moisture and taste barriers. Our coatings are very successfully and widely used throughout the pharmaceutical industry, supplying a range of contract manufacturers that manufacture for clients like Dischem, USN, Clicks to mention a few.

 With our new manufacturing facility we have also raised the bar as we can now offer faster turnaround times and a much higher output to cope with growing demand. Our all NEW Technical applications laboratory boasts with high tech equipment insuring quality of the highest international standards. We still have a lot planed for the future and will be gearing up for further extensions and improvements in the near future.


In March 2019, Quantum Colours was appointed the exclusive distributor of Geotech International in South Africa, to market and sell its effect pigments to manufacturers in the cosmetics, coatings and plastics industries. Geotech, based in Haarlem, The Netherlands manufactures and distributes pearlescent pigments, aluminium pigments and glitter, which all are REACH compliant.

The distribution agreement has also seen Quantum Colours adding a range of international quality cosmetics pigments to its already wide range of products. These specialised products include FDA certified calcium, aluminium and barium lakes.

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